Coming soon - December 8: thematic workshops - 3rd Mayors Summit on Living Together

November 19, 2021

Within the 3rd Mayors Summit on Living Together, a serie of three workshops (open to the public) will be held on December 8.

The Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, in partnership with International Observatory of Mayors on Living Together, organize the 3rd Mayors Summit on Living Together, which will take place on December 7 and 8 (online), as well as on December 10 (on-site, in Izmir), at the occasion of the International Human Rights Day.

See invitation by Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Izmir

Building on our previous dialogues, this Summit will explore the current challenges and opportunities in terms of social cohesion and human rights and cities in a context of global recovery from COVID-19. - See

Within this event, a series of three consecutive thematic workshops (open to the public) will be held on Wednesday December 8 in order to exchange on the current trends and present innovative practices in cities.

Registration (through Eventbrite)

Thematic workshop 1: Building resilience in cities -Izmir: 16h00-17h30 TRT (UTC+3) | Paris: 14h-15h30 CET | Montréal: 8h-9h30 EST (UTC-5)

Thematic workshop 2: Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion -Izmir: 17h45-19h TRT (UTC+3) | Paris: 15h45-17h CET (UTC+1) | Montréal: 9h45-11h EST (UTC-5)

Thematic workshop 3: Promoting dialogue and solidarity -Izmir: 19h15-20h30 TRT | Paris: 17h15-18h30 CET (UTC+1) | Montréal: 11h15-12h30 EST (UTC-5)