Emmanuel Zossou

Porto-Novo (Benin)
Maire de Porto-Novo

Emmanuel Djima Zossou was born on September 23, 1955 in Benin. He is married and has four children. By profession, Zossou is an IT engineer specializing in information systems, telecommunication and strategic management. He was an exceptional manager at Benin Télécoms S.A. He was director of the Office of the Minister of Culture and Communications from 1996 to 1998; interim executive director of the Benin Office of Radio and Television Broadcast and chair of the board of directors of the BORTB.  He was knighted by the National Order of Bénin for services rendered to the nation.

Zossou was elected city councillor in municipal elections in June 2015 and was elected mayor of Porto-Novo unanimously by 33 municipal elected officials. Porto-Novo’s new city council was officially installed on July 28, 2015.