Thomas Geisel

Düsseldorf (Germany)
Photographie officielle de Thomas Geisel

Thomas Geisel was born in 1963 in the German city of Ellwangen. A lawyer by education, with an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, he also holds a master’s degree in government from Georgetown University in Washington D.C.

Following his studies primarily in the U.S. and in Germany, Geisel worked in the energy sector for most of his life. There, he held various positions for Enron (London), Ruhrgas A.G. and E.ON Ruhrgas A.G. where he was director for gas procurement.

In 2013, at the age of 50, Mr. Geisel decided to run for mayor of Düsseldorf. He became the first social-democratic mayor after 15 years of conservative rule in the city. His political focus is to create more housing and schooling possibilities for the growing population, to develop sustainable infrastructure and to strengthen socially disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Providing humane and efficient care for the thousands of refugees who currently reside in or are expected to come to Düsseldorf has become one of the most important tasks of his term so far.