With its strategic location, Drummondville enjoys a favourable economic context thanks to the vitality and diversification of its manufacturing section, a dynamic entrepreneurial force, a very high employment rate, the Université de Trois-Rivières campus and its specialized college programs s well as the vitality of its residential sector and the solidarity and pride of its community. Drummondville has a number of assets that make it an attractive place to live for both local families and those from elsewhere. 

Diversity is a community’s wealth. We welcome customs and traditions from other cultures that can enrich our own with open arms, but we must participate actively in order to integrate newcomers to our habits and lifestyle. As well, in a context in which companies don’t have a large enough workforce, immigration is an especially favourable solution to this issue.

Drummondville aims to do its best while respecting social equity, economic efficiency and environmental quality. When welcoming new residents, Drummondville is known for implementing the intrinsic values of its municipal organization, which are integrity, respect, openness and fairness.


Keys facts

  1. Drummondville has around 4,000 immigrant residents – around five per cent of his total population.

  2. It is one of 13 destination cities and towns in Québec that is designated for people who have special refugee status.

  3. Immigrants who live in Drummondville come from 57 countries from all continents.