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Washington, D.C.

United States

Washington, D.C. is home to over 672,000 residents from all backgrounds, countries and walks of life. The District of Columbia sits between two rivers, the Anacostia and the Potomac, and serves as a vital reminder of our commitment to conservation and climate protection. As the seat of the federal government for the United States of America, our city houses the United States Congress, U.S. Supreme Court, and Executive Office of the President. Washington, D.C. also hosts over 187 embassies from across the globe, adding to our diverse, international community. Our city attracts millions of visitors each year, from across the country and the globe, who visit our monuments, museums, theatres, and neighbourhoods.

Washington, D.C. is divided into eight wards. Our wards are home to over 54 unique neighbourhoods, full of shopping, nightlife, food, and parks. Many of these neighborhoods are anchored by diverse and thriving small business corridors. Each neighborhood has a unique history. From the historic areas of LeDroit Park and Anacostia, to the booming new developments in Navy Yard, we celebrate the unique integration of historic and modern across our communities. Our city is one of the most walkable cities in the nation, has great access to bike lanes and trails, and has one of the most connected public transportation networks in the country through rail and bus. Washington, D.C. benefits from a vibrant immigrant community, including sizeable communities from Latin America and Africa. As a result, our city has a large amount of celebrations recognizing the various cultures and people through festivals, food, and education.

Washington, D.C. has experienced an urban renewal for the past two decades. The city has invested in programs aimed at revitalizing communities by retaining and recruiting businesses, improving commercial properties and streetscapes, and attracting consumers. As our city continues to flourish, we are challenged with balancing development with environmental consciousness and historic preservation. Contrary to belief, our city’s industries are not just government. The District has become a tech hub, with one of the most attractive incentive packages for high-tech businesses in the US. We are Washington, D.C.

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, DC



Keys facts

  1. 15% of District Residents speak a language other than English at home.

  2. The District of Columbia has experienced an 11% increase in population since 2010, adding 1,000 new residents each month.

  3. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), ACSM American Fitness Index® Washington, D.C. is the fittest city in America.