Vue de Bruxelles



"We must respect others in their differences, lifestyles and freedoms. Brussels has long fostered open-mindedness, tolerance and mutual respect”.

Our City is a multicultural capital, with friendly face and districts high in color. The diversity of backgrounds, life choices, and mixed generations are considered as an asset. So we multiply actions to promote this growing cultural mix, this melting pot of visions and life projects that enrich our neighbourhoods.

Our new pedestrian area, the largest in Europe, was designed in order to provide residents with clean air, quiet surroundings and a maximum of green space.

 Mayor of Brussels


Keys facts

  1. Around 160 nationalities live together in Brussels.

  2. There are 50 hectares of pedestrian zones in Brussels.

  3. There is an urban forest of 40 hectares within the boundaries of the city, in Neder-Over-Heembeek.