IDLTP 2020: a time to think about what hold us together

May 1, 2020

Next 16 May, share a message of hope and solidarity at the occasion of the International Day on Living Together in Peace (IDLTP).

While the world is affected by the COVID-19, cities are on the frontline regarding this unprecedented crisis. Despite this difficult context, cities are fully dedicated to responding to this crisis, in order to ensure the health and safety of all, as well as helping the most vulnerable populations.

This crisis highlights the bonds that hold us together both locally and globally. We must stand together in solidarity against this global threat – Read PDF icon Manifesto.

Next May 16 (or the day before) join us in promoting this day and share a short video of your Mayor or message from your city in social media, using hashtags #IDLTP2020 or #LivingTogether and by mentioning @ObsvIntl in your Twitter posts.

You could share a message of hope, initiatives of local solidarity, or stories of resilience in your city. We would also appreciate if you could send us a copy of your video messages and quotes before May 11. You will find attached a communications kit including key messages as well as the official logo of IDLTP. 

In 2017, the International Day on Living Together in Peace (IDLTP) was created by the United Nations in order to highlight the importance to act in favor of solidarity, peace, and harmony. This day is now celebrated every May 16th with the active participation of the Observatory cities (see editions 2018, 2019).

To know more: http://16mai.org/ (General coordination by AISA ONG internationale) - Watch video presentation.