Vue de Paris



WorldCity of 2.5 million inhabitants, Paris is built by the successive arrival of many European immigration waves, then waves from outside Europe, notably from Africa and the Maghreb. Paris witnesses the expression of all religions and philosophical beliefs. This asset is essential to see continue the tradition of hospitality, tolerance and openness that characterizes the capital of France, first worldwide touristic destination. 

Paris showed remarkable resilience after the attacks in January and November of 2015 and the living together was not disturbed by the attacks, the deadliest in history. Thus, this is how our city could host this same year 3,000 refugees, which for the vast majority comes from the Middle East.

 Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris


Keys facts

  1. More than 200 nationalities are represented in Paris, 25% of his residents are born abroad.

  2. The geographical origin of the Parisian diversifies with the presence of an increasingly large number of Turkish/Kurdish, Chinese, and Tamil populations particularly.

  3. The secular constitutional principle rules relations between the administration and cults.