M. Raymond Chrétien, Président de l'Observatoire

Remarks by the President

June 13, 2016

Dear friends,

In this age of globalization, international relations are increasingly being defined by the relationships between cities. Cities are on the frontline of the biggest global issues : growing urbanization, migrations and, of course, challenges related to "Living Together".  

The International Observatory of Mayors on Living Together is the result of the commitment of Mayors from 23 cities around the world willing to benefit from a knowledge platform to share best practices related to diversity and social inclusion. 

Beyond the variety of development contexts in countries, cities share a series of challenges related to social cohesion and inclusion, and they can reinforce their capacities through cooperation and exchange of experiences.

The Observatory is an essential tool for our cosmopolitan cities that must manage their social and cultural diversity on a daily basis. To do so, according to Honorable Denis Coderre, one of the founding members of the Observatory, they must find a balance between "openness and vigilance". 

So far, over thirty cities from every continent are members of the Observatory, and more than 30 initiatives have been shared online. I hope that this network will keep on growing, as mayors from all over the world have been asking for a knowledge exchange platform like this.

I would like to thank all the member mayors, as well as their university partners for their valuable contribution. I recognize particularly the engagement of the Mayor of Montreal, for initiating this network and holding its General Secretariat in Montréal for the next five years.

I am looking forward to collaborating with you on this great initiative.

Raymond Chrétien

President of the International Observatory on Living Together

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