Vue de Dakar



The city of Dakar is a local community, administrative centre of the Senegalese capital. It follows the contours of the department of Dakar, and it has a legal personality and financial autonomy. The city of Dakar was created in 1857, it occupies an area of ​​83 km², and its population is estimated at over 2 million. Dakar is divided into nineteen municipalities, each headed by a mayor.

The institution includes ten directions with over 1600 staff member and 800 volunteers. The city of Dakar has an annual budget of over 60 million Euros or 40 billion CFA Francs.

The city of Dakar is:

A modern city by means of structuring investments that improve the environment and quality of life with innovative objectives and principles of sustainable development. In this context, important programs are running: the commissioning of an intelligent system of traffic lights, the program of restoration and extension of municipal roads, the expansion program of street lighting equipment using solar energy, without counting the street paving program, which ultimately will mobilize 2600 young people and which will represent a powerful lever to generate employment.  

A United city by means of the social dynamics it develops to show the priority it gives to education through "The City in good student’s parent" program in its different components that dramatically eased the responsibilities of parental education, to health by increasing the technical equipment of health facilities and expanding the provision of care for certain medical specialties. A united city also by security that it broadcasts to raise the level of people through the Development Fund and Municipal Solidarity (FODEM), which is the main instrument of socio-economic policy by promoting women and youth, through PAFSEP which funds micro projects like micro gardening, which has effects on food security, and the fight against poverty are undeniable.

A Dynamic city with the energy it releases and the potential it values. In the cultural field, in addition to the 150 million CFAF funds exclusively reserved for cultural actors, an innovative program to create training centers for careers in culture is underway.

An Open city to all fraternities that engage with cities worldwide dynamic, cooperation that serves the purpose of a win-win partnership.

 Khalifa Ababacar Sall, Mayor of Dakar