Vue de Québec



Founded more than 400 years ago, cradle of the French language in North America, a world heritage site, Québec is today a modern city that is known for its cultural vitality and economic success. 

Capital of the province, Quebec has 517,000 citizens, of which 90% speak French as their mother tongue. Its population is proud of its origins, its history and its culture that has been protected in a largely English-speaking continent. 

His economy is based on knowledge, high technology, research, insurance, tourism and culture makes Québec city one of the most prosperous cities in the country. At once festive and safe, Quebec offers a warm welcome to the approximately 5 million visitors each year. 

In a city such as ours, the greatest challenge of living together is to identify and implement measures that will enable all of our citizens to live the difference in their everyday life, in the respect of the rights and dignity of everyone, but also in the fundamental values on which our society rests. To meet this challenge, we must build on the many benefits that everyone can withdraw from the sharing of knowledge and the openness to all cultures. 

Mayor of Québec