Mayor’s Tour on Living Together in Québec City High Schools

On the ground
Québec City has chosen a preventive approach to Living Together that focuses on youth, its creativity and its potential. In 2016, a series of meetings between municipal staff and various people working with youth offered a portrait of the situation of young people between the ages of 14 and 17.

Québec City wanted to start a dialogue with its young residents in order to understand their concerns and implement conditions for them to participate fully in society and evolve in a living environment where living together is a joy.


The City organized a consultation tour in secondary schools in the capital on the theme of youth and living together. The meetings, which were hosted by Institut du Nouveau Monde, were an opportunity for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to reflect on their experiences, their place in the city and their suggestions for living together better in Québec City.

In the weeks ahead of the consultation, schools, youth and their parents received documentation explaining the purpose of the process and inviting them to prepare for the meeting.

Each two-hour meeting began with an explanation of the concept of living together and a word of welcome from Régis Labeaume, mayor of Québec City. Special attention was given to the four dimensions associated with living together in Quebec City: social cohesion, safe living environments, spaces and opportunities for meetings, and health and well-being. Grids were given to the participants, who gathered in small groups, to encourage discussion with one another. After speaking with each other, the students were invited to share their thoughts with the mayor.

Firsts results

More than 350 youth participated in one of the five meetings held between April 24 and May 16, 2017, in one youth center, three public schools and one private school across the city.

Among the reflections, comments and suggestions made by the participants, three topics recurred in their discussions:

  • developing virtual and real spaces for young people to get information, express themselves and be heard
  • creating opportunities for meetings between youth, cultures and generations.
  • suggestions for improving the feeling of safety and public transportation.

Most participants (95%) enjoyed the activity and the opportunity they were given to express themselves. They hope that such opportunities will be more frequent. In the weeks following their meetings, a number of measures were taken to follow up on their comments (extending the times when certain parks are lit, a plan for increasing the number of basketball courts…).

The results and analysis of the consultation will continue.