Vue de Thiès



The City of Thiès, administrative centre of the region of the same name, is located 70 km away from the capital, Dakar. The population of the city increased from 248,318 in 2004 to 350,000 in 2013 on an area of 68km². 

The first inhabitants were the Sérères Thiès Sisters established around 1804.Thiès is nestled near the base of mountain ranges. 

The renown of Thiès was earned by the creation of the railway in 1885. The first missionaries settled in 1886. The French military will also strengthen their presence with the construction of a cavalry quarter and outbuildings near the railway, barracks building and housing for military families in 1894. The role of the colonial city and the garrison of Thiès began to assert itself with the construction of the current governance, the arrival of the first director in 1894, as well as the opening of the prison in 1896. The city modernizes and becomes a demographic and economic crossroad. 

In 2004, the city benefited from the Independence Special Program. The city has a network of urban roads and a bypass to facilitate access and circulation within the municipality, an Integrated Development Zone (CDZ), as well as many investments in roads, sporting, cultural and economic infrastructures.

 Talla Sylla, Mayor of Thies