Actions of solidarity in the context of COVID-19 crisis

On the ground
Some solidarity inititiatives by Montréal in the contexte of the COVID-19 crisis
In order to face this unprecedented situation, Montréal has taken a series of actions to protect the population and particularly the most vulnerable. The City has taken a series of measures to ensure the health and safety of the homeless population: opening of new homeless shelters, food assistance and sanitary products. 
The City has also announced a contribution to the Centraide emergency fund in order to support the most vulnerable residents. City staff is also volunteering in food banks and community organizations. Montréal is also displaying multilingual public health instructions in order to inform foreign residents.
As many other cities around the world are dealing the crisis, the International relations department developped an internal tool compiling city responses to COVID in order to learn from other cities' experiences and share with city staff working on the front line.
Montréal also hosts the International Observatory of Mayors on Living Together, a platform and a network dedicated to exchange good practices related to social cohesion, inclusion and peace in cities.
Montréal est aussi le siège de l'Observatoire international des maires sur le Vivre ensemble, une plateforme et un réseau d'échange de bonnes pratiques en matière de cohésion sociale, d'inclusion et de paix dans les villes.