Cycle of projections-debates

The Cycle of projections workshop play a role in promoting citizenship and openness values, essential to consolidate our young and fragile Tunisian democracy.

The Tunis French Institute makes available to its audience a new film program as part of the cinema-club titled “Living Together”. Twelve films were projected in the Tunis French Institute auditorium, every second Friday, from 2pm until 6pm. More than just a simple cinema-club with one film projection, it is actually a workshop led by a civilization and French literature professor from the Humanities Faculty of Manouba, Abderrazak Sayadi. Each session is divided in three parts: a short presentation of the film, followed by the screening, and finally an open discussion where everyone can express themselves freely on the film. The workshop seeks to achieve several objectives: first, to increase awareness to the French and francophone cinema to the Tunisian public. Indeed, a collection of the best films is often selected from award winning films or simply nominated films in major international festivals. Then, the workshop aims to offer a public Tunisian space of liberty, reflection, discussion, and expression. The theme treated by the film is, in fact, a starting point or excuse so that everyone can give a fairly free and open perspective on social, political, religious or social issues that concern us all, from either side of the Mediterranean.


Finally it is to allow a public partly composed of young people, pupils and students, to be able to practice the French language in public, be able to develop an idea without hesitation and be able to defend his views before a large audience, with conviction and moderation. It is therefore both a competence of oral expression, listening skills and interaction, a spirit of tolerance and free thinking that the workshop seeks to develop among participants. In this sense, we can say that the workshop also plays a role in promoting citizenship and openness values, essential to consolidate our young and fragile Tunisian democracy. This is the spirit of "living together".

The most striking films that have been discovered by the public on this occasion are:

  • To Be and to Have by Nicolas Philibert, followed by a discussion on the theme "Back to school"
  • Escalade by Charlotte Silvera, followed by a discussion on "Violence in schools"
  • A better life by Cédric Kahn, followed by a discussion on "The spiral of Debt"
  • One Day My Father Will Come by Martin Valente, followed by a discussion on "The father’s place"
  • Depression and Friends by Arnaud Lemort, followed by a discussion on "Friends First"
  • Secret Defense by Philippe Haïm, followed by a discussion on "A safer World"
  • Paris under Watch by Cédric Jiménez, followed by a debate on "Smile, you’re on camera!"


Tunisia French Institut
M. Abderrazak Sayadi, Professor at the Letters Faculty of Manouba