Intercultural meeting

On the ground
The intercultural meeting aims to bring to life the multiculturalism of the city of Douala.


Douala is the economic capital, the main economic center and the largest city of Cameroon. The city is also one of the main entry points of the country, because of the port and the international airport.

Historically, the city of Douala has been in contact with different foreign communities since the 15th century with visits from explorers, missionaries and merchants who participated in the economic and social development on the banks of the Wouri River, where the city is located.
The economic capital of Cameroon concentrates the majority of commercial and industrial companies operating in Cameroon, as well as the largest population of expatriates in Cameroon. These foreigners are involved in all activities, including industrial, commercial, sporting, social, cultural and educational activities. These foreign communities in the city participate in the socio-cultural exchanges with local populations, economic development and influence of Douala which is more oriented towards the attraction of foreign investors and towards inclusive development. This created the need to raise the important place by organizing a Gala Evening where the intercultural exchanges can be highlighted.

Goal and objectives

Under the theme "Douala: the Dynamics of Diversity and Living Together," the intercultural meeting aims to bring to life the multiculturalism of the city of Douala.

The specific objectives of this event are:

  • Enhancing the visibility of intercultural exchanges
  • Developing practices for social inclusion
  • Foster a sense of belonging for all
  • Promoting cultural diversity and safety in our cities.


The implementation of this activity requires the collaboration of all the consulates of foreign countries present in the city of Douala. Activities focus on the following areas:

  • Cultural exhibitions and art
  • Artistic and traditional performances
  • Gastronomic discoveries

The organization gathers all representatives of consulates and the various members of the different communities living in Douala around an organizing committee. The members of each foreign country communities and other national communities living in Douala could therefore be a part of the meeting.


The intercultural meeting established a platform for exchanges between all the consuls of the city, city officials and community leaders from different ethnic groups in Cameroon.

The 32 countries represented in Douala and members of the 200 ethnic groups participated in the implementation of the different portions of the meeting. There are around 300 traditional and cultural dances presented and nearly 200 culinary specialities from several regions of Cameroon and from other different countries.


Douala City Council
Ms. Kingue Lengue Else