New edition: City policies on Living Together

May 24, 2019

The Observatory, in cooperation with UNESCO, launches a new edition of the study "City policies on Living Together".

The Observatory is proud to present a new edition of the study "City policies on Living Together" prepared in cooperation with UNESCO's International Coalition of inclusive and sustainable cities - ICCAR, with the support of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

This document is based on an original study - Politiques et programmes sur le Vivre ensemble au sein des villes francophones États des lieux - prepared in cooperation with the Intercultural Relations Research Laboratory (LABRRI) of the Université de Montréal and ten cities of the Observatory (Dakar, Douala, Geneva, Montréal, Namur, Ouagadougou, Québec, Rabat, Strasburg and Tunis), in the framework of the work of the Standing Committee on Living Together, a political working group within the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF - in french). Learn more

The purpose of this report is to document existing Living Together policies and programmes at the municipal level; conduct an operational study on Living Together to strenghten municipal initiatives and offer guidelines to cities that want to more effectively support Living Together in their respective communities.

This new version of the study, which is also available in French, was presented for the first time during the event "Improving how we live together in cities", co-organized by the Observatory in the framework of the 2nd edition of the International Day on Living Together in Peace, which wa held last May 16 at UNESCO.


STUDY: City Policies on Living Together