A first international study about city policies on Living Together

November 12, 2018

Presented during the AIMF's Standing Committee on Living Together, this research is a first international comparative study regarding the action of cities on Living Together.

The International Observatory of Mayors on Living Together is pleased to announce the presentation of a first international study (in french) regarding the action of cities on Living Together.

Prepared as part of the work of the Standing Committee on Living Together (in french), a Political working Group within the International Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF- in french), this study was conducted by the Intercultural Relations Research Laboratory (LABRRI) of the Université de Montréal, in collaboration wit a dozen cities of the Francophonie.

Living Together is a global and local challenge. In a context of globalization and growing urbanisation, cities faces new challenges related to social cohesion, management of diversity and community safety. In that sense, cities are at the forefront of this global issue. As local governments, cities already develop policies and initiatives seeking to promote aspects related to the capacity of "Living Together" (even if it's not always called like this). Even though, the notion of "Living Together" is not necessarily well defined.

In order to deepen the understanding and the scope of Living Together at the municipal level, this study propose an inventory of policies and programmes that can be related to the promotion of Living Together.

Starting from the experience of a dozen cities from different regions of the Francophone, this study presents and analyses the content of policies and programmes that contributes to "Living together". The study also proposes an operational definition of Living Together, as well as some guidelines in order to reinforce the "Living Together" initiatives in different municipal contexts.

This study was made at the initiative of the Office of International Relations of the City of Montreal and it benefited from the contributions of the members of a Technical group gathered in Geneva in september 2018. The results of the study were presented and discussed by the political representatives of the AIMF's Standing Committee that met in Lille in november 2018. 

Study on Municipal policies on Living Together (in french only).